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The weather is cold, damp, rain or snow most days now.  Sunshine for the whole day is rare and even on those days the wind is a force to be dealt with, so, enough !  I’m taking a little trip.  No, not in the car, or on a plane, or even a boat.  Where?  Why, it’s that place we all know and hold in our mind and memories.  That place where we know warmth, and peace, and  ……., well, I’ll let you finish the list for yourselves.  We all have different places.  Ok, I’m off now  !


A few soft pillowy clouds drift eastward across an azure sky. Terns and Pelicans drift casually across the blue abyss, Pelicans occasionally diving to catch a fish.  rippling water reflects the blue of the sky. The surf is light and kisses the shore tenderly, lifting its whisper to the air.  A gentle breeze passes through the palms and carries the scents of jasmine and oleander across the island.  The powdery sand on the beach glistens like a field of diamonds.  There’s a beautiful girl sitting at the water’s edge, offering me a drink…

“You’re late, sweetness.  I’ve missed you…”


I’m there now….., are you ?


Have a great day everybody !!!






2 responses to “~~~ Escape ~~~

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  1. So lovely and my reality for two weeks! I just returned from visiting my mama in Puerto Rico. Ahhhhh. I’ll be using my imagination for the rest of the year. 🙂

  2. Oh yes imagination trips are the best there are! Enjoy~

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