~ Once Upon a Time…….

************************** ************* ………and it all began with a question.    It had been a long day and I was tired to begin with, but I had promised to take some friends to the Buena Vista Hotel where there was a beauty pageant being held.  They gave me a ticket and I accompanied them to the show. … Read More ~ Once Upon a Time…….


~~Butterflies ‘n’ Bumble-bees

************************************************************************* ************************************************** A little boy (5 years old), butterflies, bumble-bees, baseball, the beach, BBQ, bedtime stories, and just hangin’ out in the park.  Seems like almost everything begins with a “B” that we did !  This was my schedule for the past weekend. My grandson came to visit ( all by himself…, for the whole… Read More ~~Butterflies ‘n’ Bumble-bees