********** The woods are lovely, dark and deep.   But I have promises to keep,   And miles to go before I sleep,   And miles to go before I sleep.   (Robert Frost) Frost is one of my favorite poets and many times I try to emulate his style *********** The above picture is the… Read More

Ruthless North Wind

******************************************* ***************************** The drums of autumn are muffled by the blowing and drifting of snow The hapless trees made nude of leaves by bitter cold, ruthless north wind *** All creatures now scurry for all they can store for soon there’ll be snow on the ground, nothing more and it will be scoured as clean… Read More Ruthless North Wind

~~ Windsong~~

********************************************** *************************** * In the window, candle’s glowing Cool and soft, the nightwind’s blowing Far too long my heart’s been roaming Windsong carry me home Far flung dreams too long were calling In pace with storms and rain a-falling Now I would no longer roam Windsong take me home *** Longing to see her face… Read More ~~ Windsong~~