Secretly, hidden in the side of a hill

She chants o’er a boiling cauldron

With a voice that’s evil and shrill

She evokes no warmth, not even a smile

Darkness abides around her for miles

 Into the cauldron she puts fear and fright

To be cast at us all on Halloween night

Will visit each neighborhood til the night ends

With ghosts, and goblins, and all of her friends









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  1. I love to visit your blog on holidays especially, Paul 🙂 I always know there’s going to be something seasonal and cozy ) Love the old witch theme )

  2. I have no idea about Halloween ’cause we don’t have it here …but the image is beautiful Paul.

  3. Yiikes! I am sooo not ready for the whole winter thing to start… bbrrrrr.

  4. She’s creepy cuz~

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