A Midnight Rose

(The painting is a bit of fluff just completed. Part of my summertime distractions.) ************************************************** ****************************************** Only in the deepest darkness Does she come to the one She knows, and to him alone Does she give the beauty And the loveliness of the Beautiful Midnight Rose. ************ ***** **  


************************************************** +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++ *************************************************** Secretly, hidden in the side of a hill She chants o’er a boiling cauldron With a voice that’s evil and shrill She evokes no warmth, not even a smile Darkness abides around her for miles  Into the cauldron she puts fear and fright To be cast at us all on Halloween night Will visit each neighborhood… Read More


********************************** ********************** I sit in the darkness there is no light Mind wanders, wonders What do I write about tonight News is only dismal…,  sad Little there to make my heart glad Little hope for change in sight So I think I’ll just say good night. …and hope for a better tomorrow. ********** ***** ***… Read More Tonight

Scent of Flowers

********************* ************************* In the deepness of my thoughts She steals into my room With blossoms and forget-me-nots She banishes my gloom *** Frangipani as she passes Lifts the darkness from my mind Gentle, sweet, this little lass is But her name I cannot find *** Morning light breaks through the pane With the sunlight she… Read More Scent of Flowers