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DREAMS   2 comments


I walk through a world of unrealized dreams ,

Many that can never come true, it seems,

Day starts with tears of a soft morning rain…..

Ending in the melancholy of a lonely refrain.









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÷÷÷ Winter Sprites ÷÷÷   2 comments

Not a picture  in black  and  white

The  Snow Queen did  this  just  for  spite

Knowing I’d spurn her as I have before

She  left all this outside  my door.


And  to show all that  her  heart  was  pure

Frost  Princess  dropped the  temperature

From 10 degrees  to  a minus  5

Keeping  me indoors  to stay  alive







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First Snow   2 comments


With icy wand in frigid hand

The Snow Queen comes

To strike the land.


And the cold comes

On muffled drums

With white frozen flakes

To fill fields and lakes (with snow).


The Snow Queen is there

With frost in her hair

And all of her maidens

Burdened and laden


With snow

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~~ The Silence of the Night ~~   1 comment

It’s a, soft, peaceful time.

Stars wink down from 

The magnificence of their heavens

I marvel at their beauty as 

I permit the shadows of evening

To wrap my mind in the quiet

And I am at peace with

The silence of the night.


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56 Years Ago Tonight   1 comment

*************************** m**************************


Some of you may recognize this.  It’s an annual tradition of mine.  It’s to honor the memory of a time precious to me, and a brief part of my life shared with a beautiful young woman who chose to share her love with me.

At the beginning of December
Conversations turned to snow
It was always in her questions
Wherever we would go
I promised I would take her
So that finally she would know
But angels came to take her home
And she never saw the snow.
As the chill of winter settles on the land and brings gray clouds the horizon, memories of another December come to mind and I feel a presence, and I hear a soft whisper, “Don’t be so sad, dearest.  I’ve been with you all this time, every day of every year…, and, yes darlin’, even in the snow”.  A quick caress and she is gone again. Christmas…., a time we were, sadly, never to be able to share with each other.
In memory of Gayle Marie
December 10, 1962 Heaven gained another angel…, and another star shone brightly in the night sky…., 56 years ago tonight…..

Tonight my heart mourns her absence.  Tomorrow  I will celebrate  the  happiness  and  the  love  that we shared .

Good Night Everybody

Blessings to all of you !

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* A Winter Evening *   2 comments

Image result for a snowflake in the night sky

Pure white snowflakes

Drifting silently on a

Gentle evening breeze…


Good Night Everybody !

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~~ Time ~~   3 comments

Time is weighing heavy on the shoulders, 

Each minute, each hour, day, week, year.

Everything seems more of a burdensome,

The mornings, evenings, memories, tears.

Time, even when he was younger there was never enough

for work, study, play, friends, romance, or other stuff

Winter is coming, and the sun slowly sets

What has happened to my time? …but he forgets.

There’s a certain sadness in all of this…

but wait…, he remembers his first kiss

and that opens the door to all of the joys hidden in his heart.

Good Night Everybody !!!

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