~~ She Comes ~~

********************************* ********************* Days are short now and the sun scarcely makes an appearance as steely gray skies are becoming more the norm. The Snow Queen has left her frozen throne and brings her winter curse upon the land.    The drums of autumn are muffled by the blowing and drifting of snow The hapless trees… Read More ~~ She Comes ~~



********************* This old worn out guitarwon’t let me go near as faras that beautiful winking star In the moonlight it seems I’m forever tied to dreams I find you in the morning light And in the moonbeams and the starlight of the night  ****************************** Love and cherished memories  are tied to happy reveries  of the days… Read More Reverie


The golden harp lilts its soft melody Joined by a sweet violin in its symphony Feet gliding across the skies soft floor  Hearts thinking only of forevermore 


I walk through a world of unrealized dreams , Many that can never come true, it seems, Day starts with tears of a soft morning rain….. Ending in the melancholy of a lonely refrain.              

Wishes for You

Wishes ‘n’ a wee toast t’ lead all into the spirit o’ St. Valentine’s Day !   ***************** May you always have these blessings A soft breeze when it’s hot A warm fireside when it’s not And the comfort of love ‘n’ friendship always **************** ********** ***** **