********************* This old worn out guitarwon’t let me go near as faras that beautiful winking star In the moonlight it seems I’m forever tied to dreams I find you in the morning light And in the moonbeams and the starlight of the night  ****************************** Love and cherished memories  are tied to happy reveries  of the days… Read More Reverie


The golden harp lilts its soft melody Joined by a sweet violin in its symphony Feet gliding across the skies soft floor  Hearts thinking only of forevermore 


I walk through a world of unrealized dreams , Many that can never come true, it seems, Day starts with tears of a soft morning rain….. Ending in the melancholy of a lonely refrain.              

Wishes for You

Wishes ‘n’ a wee toast t’ lead all into the spirit o’ St. Valentine’s Day !   ***************** May you always have these blessings A soft breeze when it’s hot A warm fireside when it’s not And the comfort of love ‘n’ friendship always **************** ********** ***** **