Sitting on the Back Porch   3 comments



Sitting out on the back porch, enjoying the cool of the evening as I watch the moon sneaking up over the horizon.  Stars are peeking out in the sky, winking at me as I watch them make their appearance, one-by -one.  It’s springtime but it feels like a soft summer evening after an especially warm day.  It’s too early for the chorale of the crickets, but not for the mosquitos or no-see-ums.  As it deepens, the night is crystal clear and the trees cast long shadows in the bright light of a full moon.  It’s quiet…, and peaceful, and I let my tired spirit bathe itself in the beauty and comfort of the evening. 


Good night everybody. 



3 responses to “Sitting on the Back Porch

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  1. Lovely image Paul. I could picture sitting there chatting with you 🙂

  2. Peace flowing back to you. x

  3. Lovely imagery, except for the no see ums…….I don’t like those guys. They bit me in the Carribbean… a lot!

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