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The eve was getting late

I glanced across the floor

And though I had no date

This night I wanted more

Was there by myself

A lad without a care

She was sitting on the shelf

Did I, should I dare

I chanced the chance

And as the music played so fair

We danced the dance

As though we waltzed on air

And when the party came to end

As they closed and locked the door

Across the meadow and around the bend

We waltzed and danced some more

…….and as all good stories should always end…, they lived happily ever after.







15 responses to “~~Dancing on Air

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  1. This sounds like it is from a book of fairy tales! I can see the poem on one page and a pretty ink drawing on the next


  2. I love this magical post Paul. I can imagine a beautiful evening just lost in the dance. XO Sheri

  3. Oh this is wonderful Paul. I love that you know, and are able to, write in all the “official” forms… (Hope that makes sense) I never learned them or else immediately forgot them, that “in one ear and out the other” thing, but I love the story as well as the visual formation. I’m sure it’s probably one of those “suppose to be that way” poems that I don’t know the rules for, but just from a random dullard,… I love it! ❤ 😀 PS~ Congrats on the graduation of your grand-daughter. I'm sure she's a wonderful, beautiful, young lady and is blessed to have you all in her live. 😀

    • I don’t know where I picked up the “official form” unless it was from all the poetry that my grandmother read to me as a child and encouraged me to read as a young teen. Maybe the sound of it stayed with me and now it just doesn’t sound right unless it’s in metre and rhyme. Don’t ever apologize for your writing, Keli. You do equally as well as I in your own style…, and isn’t that part of being an artist/writer…, to take something and do it in your individual style? So many times I thoroughly enjoy your rants ! 🙂

      • LOL…. True. Parents and grandparents don’t or aren’t able to, read poetry to the kids these days it seems.

      • I do…, and they both love it. I have a rule – no poem, no bedtime story. Sometimes they even ask for another poem. I think, of the other grandparents, I’m the only one who reads to them. Gram taught me well !!!

      • I will be doing that too… once I get past the “dog” as grandchildren stage… LOL

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    Beautiful writing

  5. I adore !

  6. I love the innocence of this Paul. Thank you.

  7. Wonderful as always cuz!

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