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52 years ago, this weekend was when we met.  No event since, in my life, has matched the happiness and love that she brought into my life that night.  Probably none ever will.  It all started that evening with a question…  “Hey G.I., y’all mind if I walk with you?”

A bit of hair, tied with string…

Silver ring she used to wear…

Scratched and fading photograph…


The scent of jasmine…

Warm salt air…

Sea breeze whispers in the palms…


House is gone…, land is bare…

Nothing left at all to see

That they ever lived, were there

All that’s left…

What’s in the past…

Is in my heart, the love that lasts…


Peace to Y’all

Good Night Everybody






5 responses to “~ Reminders

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  1. This one is perfect Paul 😀 You know I am all for making as many positive memories each day because one day, that may be all we have left. Beautifully written!

  2. The memories that never leave our hearts and soul.

  3. A beautiful event that touches you deep in your soul is very hard to match. So much love I send to you amazing friend of mine. XO Sheri

  4. xoxo

  5. Awwwww. Sleep tight cuz~

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