The Light




In the wondrous full moon’s light

I start my journey into night

Searching with my blinded sight

Looking for what is wrong…, or right


A wondrous angel then appeared

Stripping me of cares and fears

Filling my heart with happy cheer

But as I turned, she disappeared


But before she left my sight

And faded into mysterious night

“I’m always with you…, wrong or right

Look for me, I am the light.


And as I face the start of day

When feeling I have lost my way

My heart can still hear her say…,

Look for me, I am the light…,


Here to light your way







10 thoughts on “The Light

  1. when I wander in
    I feel your light from way down here
    it is bright so I can see more …
    This is beautiful…
    Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter…

  2. This was simply stunning Paul — I adored reading it. Mysterious and enchanting… an angel of light, … beautiful words!! Much Love and radiant Light always, Robyn

      1. So beautiful Paul… and this special “angel” will always live on in the light that is your own … I am sure of this! much love ~ x Robyn

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