~ Stars ~

*************************************** The night is crystal clear And the slivered moon is bright. Stars wink at me From their place in the heavens tonight. I see your reflection In their eyes ********************************* *************** ******* ***


************************************************** The night was calm and quiet Except for an occasional cricket, or cicada The evening sky was crystal clear Venus stood high in the heavens Peering at the sliver of a pale moon Slowly bringing itself above the horizon She seemed to smirk at the sliver of a crescent As if to say…, “Is… Read More Tonight

~~ Dark Night ~~

*************************************** ************************ It’s a quiet night, the kind of ending one might expect at the terminus of a peaceful day.  It’s foggy, and there’s a soft gentle rain falling.  No stars or moon tonight, nothing but the deepening dark…, and the rain. There’s a dark, hollow emptiness following me.  I feel alone in the cacophony of… Read More ~~ Dark Night ~~

~~ Angel ~~

*********************************************** ******************************* Her eyes upon me as I face each day’s tides With a smile and a song she’s always by my side ……….. A whisper in the breeze as I walk along the leaf strewn street. A warmth that surrounds me when I know that no one’s there A peace I that feel with all that I meet And… Read More ~~ Angel ~~

~~At Odds~~

………….. …………….. The pencil’s broken The inkwell’s dry I’m left to sit and wonder why I search each day and try to find But words don’t come to this tired mind None and nothing comes it seems But endless, worn, and weary dreams Another night of broken sleep There seems no thought that I may… Read More ~~At Odds~~


********************************* ************************ A soft quiet night And the warm air is still Lightning bugs floatin’ Up there on the hill No hint of a moon Just stars in the sky It’s a soft, sultry night At the start of July ************************ ************* ***** ** *