Happiness is a hill full of flowers

In the brilliance of the morning sun

Right after the touch of soft spring showers.

Columbines, daisies, and Queen Anne’s Lace

All do their best to put a smile on your face.


Happiness is the laugh of a child

An innocent but mischievous, snickering grin

A young imagination run wild

As their glorious dreams of life begin.


Happiness a dream we wove

When two hearts began to blend

Into life encased in lasting love

For those who share it will never end.




2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I remember a needlepoint that hung on my grandmother’s wall (most often crooked by the way) ~ “True love stories never end.”…….. But that’s because love doesn’t end. Although it changes, it remains as much a part of us as the color of our eyes or the way we cross the street. We are love and we are loved……..Such is the truth of life everlasting! Beautiful, Paul. ~ Love, Bobbie

    1. What was it about grandmothers and needlepoint? I had one who did it…, the other collected it. Wish I’d been wise enough at the time to save some of Grams work. It was beautiful. …and the phrase “true love stories never end” is something to be written in stone. They only end when someone forgets to remember. Thanks, Bobbie. ~xol~Paul

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