I Recall a Time

I recall a time

when all the world was mine,

a time when the sun was

much more than just light

shining deep in my heart,

making everything bright.


Where has it gone,

this great source of light

leaving my days

with no rythm, no rhymes?

Too many sad times,

so much has been lost.

Yet now even the night

gives some hope of light

with stars and a moon

in the heavens glisten bright.

Tears are as many as memories I save

memories so sweet I’ll take to my grave.



Please do not confuse

these words as sad verse.

For to deny those were loved

would be the greatest of crime (and)

I can only pray it will never be mine.


I live in the shadows of many who cared

who gave of themselves all that they dared.

In mem’ry of their love, these words I now write

and wish to you all…, be well…, and good night.


2 thoughts on “I Recall a Time

  1. I absolutely love your last two verses. So many express notes of sorrow when they read of love or loss, and I am almost always offended. For I am not to be pitied for having loved or having lost. I would lose again ten thousand times over for but one moment of love’s bliss. Surely anyone who has truly loved would say the same, and would rush headlong into the fire for one more kiss of the flame……… *ahhhhh* beautiful understanding of love and the power that is love, for that which we grieve is that which saves us. ~ Truly, with love, Bobbie

    1. Three wonderful women who are no longer on this earth were the basis of a lot of who I am and what I believe. They, and the gifts they gave will live in my soul for as long as I have one.
      One taught me that, in this world/life there is love. One taught me what love is. The other taught me how to live it and share it. As for me, you can’t love and lose. Love is always a gain. Sometimes, the price of love is pain, but in all cases, I’ll willingly pay the cost. And, yes, I would rush headlong into the fire to once more kiss the flame. Thanks, darlin’ girl.

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