Portrait of an Artist

Above are portraits of a beautiful 14 year old young woman that I’ve known since she was a little girl.  She was born with the most severe form of Cerebral Palsy and was not expected to live. In her daily challenges for survival she has had to learn how to develop even the slightest of motor skills and controls over her body movement. She has been in physical therapy all of her life and though she struggles, she rarely ever complains.  She is a fighter and never gives in to any challenge, large or small.  Art and painting is her passion and when she is painting, the joy she shares openly with those around her is one of life’s true treasures.  Her mind is limited only by a body that fails to permit her the movement and function that we enjoy.  Her dreams are large, and her love is huge.  Her name is Ashley, and I am proud to be counted as one of her close friends and fellow artists.


4 thoughts on “Portrait of an Artist

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that the strong find strength in the weak, and those who seem whole find their truth in the imperfect? I love this story and the joy that she gives to your heart…….. Absolutely beautiful. ~ Love, Me

    1. She has her ups and downs like all of us, but she is mostly a very happy girl, despite her circumstances. For me she is a constant source of inspiration. Thanks for your response, Cindy.

  2. I was watching her art, feeling like the wind was blowing through with emotions in so many beautiful colors…She is very good….gifted….
    Thank you for sharing such a real heart story,Paul….
    Take Care…
    You Matter….

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