My Own “Old Irish Toast”


May you always have

the sun on your face

And a dry path to walk.

May the stars fill your eyes

And the moon light

The way to your door

May you know

Peace in your dreams

And love in your heart



3 thoughts on “My Own “Old Irish Toast”

  1. So beautiful blessings Paul.
    Thank You for sharing it with us.
    May Your eyes Paul only sees the beauty
    and Your heart feels the warmth.
    May all Your blessings turn into miracles.
    I do hope one day I will deserve to be called Your friend.
    Until next time!

    1. Ah, Milena, thank you for the gift of your time and the many kind comments.
      As for being my friend, welcome to the fold of them. One can never have
      too many friends. May your day be blessed with happy thoughts.


      1. Thank You for honoring me with the blessing of Your friendship Paul.Today it was amazing day for me discovering the Beauty of Your heart.It is almost midnight in my part of world so I am sending a blessing.Hope to hear soon from You.

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