Sea Nymph

Sea Nymph

I came to the water

The shining blue sea

And there a bright nymph

Was waiting for me

She sang a sweet song

She laughed and smiled

And before very long

I was completely beguiled

On the shore near the water

She asked me to dance

And there at the sea

Dance became a romance

I was sad when she left me

My sweet nymph by the sea

Dreams of this maiden’s love

Were mine never to be

As years passed and

I was drawn to the land

Called away by another  life

But still remembered the sand

Now I stand on the beach

As the tide rolls to shore

In the soft gulf stream breezes

Hear her call me once more.


One thought on “Sea Nymph

  1. Beautiful….
    I love the whispers I hear on the wind
    that drift across the ocean
    I sometimes wonder who it is that would send


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