The sea has a quiet mood this morning.  She speaks with a gentle whisper as the surf kisses the shorline and retreats. Morning clouds have parted and the surface of the water glistens in the light of the rising sun. As I reach the sand I hear the sea softly calling to me.  Her gentle whispering is seductive and she  urges me to come closer, come into her soothing, cool waters and be refreshed. My heart hears her call and I wade in, experiencing a feeling of homecoming.

After a long, relaxinng stroll in the surf, I turn to leave.the wind rises as the sea calls to me…, “come back to me…, come back to your home and stay”.  I turn to her and reply, “Be patient…  I will return soon to walk with you”.  The wind sighs and the sea continues to relentlessly wash the beach…..





6 thoughts on “Voices

  1. I love swimming, it’s often hard to get into the water due to it being too cold, so instead of going in slowing and with a tense body, in my mind, I say: I’m coming in to see you, Goddess.
    Then I just go in and the cold water is refreshing and within no time, I am not even cold, instead, I’m intoxicated and could stay in the water for hours… which I often do.

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