It’s for the Birds


Just sittin’ here on the beach watchin’ the tide go out and the birds meander along the water’s edge at the end of the day.  It’s about 20 minutes to sunset and the color is starting  to gather along the horizon.  With a thin broken layer of whispy clouds, it promises to be another fiery sunset that will slowly diminish into a rose and purple haze as the twilight fades to dark.

Time passes slowly here in the deep south.  Laying back against a warm sand dune, I’m watching the closing of a long peaceful day.  The red-gold sun has touched the line of the horizon and the clouds are beginning to explode in shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple.  The sky is ablaze in warm colors, reflected richly on the calm surface of the bay.  Could there be anything more beautiful than this….., til tomorrow night ???

Peace and happiness to all of you.  I’ll be in loose touch sporadically until I get back from the trip.  Stay healthy and stay warm.




2 thoughts on “It’s for the Birds

  1. I have missed your posts my friend. WP isn’t notifying me… and you changed your format!
    I watched the sunset from the sand dunes with you. I remember the colors on the Gulf, different from the Space Coast where I lived for a spell. Of Course, around Melbourne, it’s the sunrise that is special.
    Enjoy the time away from the cold. Hugs

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