Ipods, Ipads, Tablets, Laptops, Smart phones, XBox, Streaming Video……  Do we ever have any quiet time anymore, any peaceful moments when we can just stop and listen to the voice of our spirit, of our heart?  Work, TV, Recreation, family demands, parties, friends…. 


Do we ever take the time anymore to just find a bit of quiet peace, a time to let our mind rest, and let our spirit heal, and let our hearts recognize the love that they hold…., or are we just too busy ?







7 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Quiet times scare me… I always have background everything on! Even have to fall asleep with the TV on. I have my Ipod when I walk. I have CDs or Sirius radio when I drive… The only time I don’t have the white noise is… in the shower! Probably where I have my best conversations with God.
    Though I know some people even have TVs in their bathrooms! I am not that bad… or maybe not that rich! 😉
    When I really write… it is just me… no interruptions.
    Loved this post! It made me really think that I need more Quiet!

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