Dance With Me




The ballroom is crowded, chandeliers burning bright

The music played softly, sweetly, this magical night

Hungry eyes meet ‘cross the crowded dance floor

Two hearts beat faster as they both wish for more


Dance with me


With a smile and a sigh she comes into his arms

He is more than enchanted by her beauteous charms

Twirling and turning, to the music they dance

Each magical moment leading on to romance



Out to the veranda they retire for air

Arm in arm, laughing, with ne’er a care

A touch, a caress, then a sweet tender kiss

A moment of forever…,  of romantic bliss

Veranda - Buena Vista - Biloxi

And the dance never ended, going onward in time

Poet and dancer in step and in rhyme

Their love never ended, interrupted a while

Til he once again took her hand with a smile


…..and asked…, Dance with me?






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