The Storm

A heavy, clammy calm has bestilled the sultry air.  Clouds, midnight black, steal the light of the sun and erase the azure blue sky.  Turbulent, rolling, gray clouds underlie the black and race forward like a wild stampede.  Onward comes the storm.  White hot flashes of lightning lace the clouds and reach to savage  the earth.  A slight hint of a breeze picks up, disturbing the resting leaves on the trees.  It is followed by raindrops as big as tea cups and then wind with the vicious strength of a hurricaine lashing all with unrelenting horizontal rain.  Then, as quickly as it approached, the storm passes and is gone, leaving in its wake brilliant sun and the gift of a rainbow.

 I must be a child of the storm, as I love to watch all of the storms violent strength, the wind, lightning, hail, and rain.

Violent…, but beautiful all the same

~ PJB~


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