~~ She Comes ~~



Days are short now and the sun scarcely makes an appearance as steely gray skies are becoming more the norm. The Snow Queen has left her frozen throne and brings her winter curse upon the land. 


The drums of autumn are muffled

by the blowing and drifting of snow

The hapless trees made nude of leaves,

by bitter cold, north wind that blows


All creatures now scurry for all they can store

for soon there’ll be snow on the ground, nothing more

and it will be scoured as clean as a pin

by a bitter cold, ruthless, raging north wind.


Good Night Everybody !



4 thoughts on “~~ She Comes ~~

  1. Good Morning …
    I hope you are staying warm, and enjoying the quiet of Winter…
    was thinking about you and wandered over, glad i did, i really like your thoughts and the photo on the top of your blog is Beautiful, made me think of the Kenny Roger’s/Dolly Parton song “Island in the Stream” not sure why …
    listening to it made some of the creeping on Winter Blues of these crazy dayz we live in

    Take Care Paul…You Matter….

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