~~ Halloween….., Looking Back ~~   3 comments


For all the Halloween evenings spent at Gram’s house…




She came into my life the day I was born

Held me on that chill October morn

She watched me grow, day by day

Watching, teaching, guiding my way

She did her best to fill my young mind

With all the mystery and adventure she could find

She read to me, both story and rhyme

When finished she’d hand me a dime

And send me off to Ryan’s store

Where I’d buy ice cream…, and more

I’d bring her home a piece of toffee

To compliment her morning coffee

Then came the time we moved away

And I couldn’t see her every day

She would visit on Saturday

And I would wish that she could stay

Years passed and she grew older

Illness stooped her once strong shoulders

There was that day that she was to say

Be strong, for I must soon go away

The day she died I was heartbroken

Sorrow so deep no words spoken

Could calm sadness beginning to start

Deep within my soul land heart

At Halloween, as I see each year pass

I pour a drink and lift my glass

Look back on what she gave my life

And celebrate my Grandma’s life.


She was born in Iowa on All Hallows Eve in 1886.  Married and moved to Indiana with her new husband.  She was 73 years old when she died from cancer in 1959.

This tale is not one of sadness and shouldn’t be taken as such.  She’d hate that.  It’s a compilation of memories of a strong, caring, loving, tender woman who greeted each day as a gift, smiling, and looking forward to the adventure.  I can only try to emulate her approach to life.

(The pictures are of her as a young woman and the year of her death….., and, yes, she’s my Irish, and I loved her dearly.)

Grandma Barton







3 responses to “~~ Halloween….., Looking Back ~~

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  1. Well that was beautiful my friend. Thank you for sharing about your grandma. She runs in your veins and its obvious ❤

  2. Lovely poem! I gazed at the photo a while, the image is captivating – she had such a deep lyrical look. Born on a special day, people often make a special imprint in the life of others and their close ones ♥ Love to all our grandparents. We remember

  3. Oouh what a wonderful woman and moving tribute. Did you Jim is a multi-generation Iowan? His great grandfather ran the Iowa City Mill and Knoke Iowa (pop -20) is his family seat! Iowans rock!

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