A New Muse

//////ok////// ***** \\\\\\\\\\

 1st effort


The hour was late.  I was tired, but she pleaded with me and finally seduced me into an effort.  I pulled the brushes and tablet from the cabinet, loaded a pallet with paint, and began.  I hadn’t touched a brush for over 4 years, except to paint the walls in the house, and was dubious of the outcome.  After an hour or two I sat back….

Her only response was, “‘Hmmph !!!!  Ive seen you do worse !”


Well, so it begins.  Warmer weather will get here (sometime !!!) and I’ll be able to get some decent light on the sun porch…., maybe even be inspired to do something worthwhile !

Ok everybody, stop dawdling !!!

Get out there and have a great day !







4 thoughts on “A New Muse

  1. Not bad at all Paul. I have thought about pulling out my brushes and paints … Not getting past the thinking stage though… it’s been over 5yrs.
    I don’t know what I am waiting for.
    Thank you for sharing this Spanish style Bougainvillea ladden porch. It looks like Florida. ..
    I dreamed of a house with a little porch like that once.

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