3 Days Before Christmas   4 comments


‘Twas three days before Christmas And all through the land

Wind was blowing so hard was tough just to stand.

From the clouds, wreaking havoc on all that’s below

Came not not flurries or flakes, but inundating snow.

It lasted all night and was certainly not nice

In the morning it melted and left streets filled with ice.

But there was no sun to disperse this travail

Only blowers and shovels and salt in my pail

And armed with these weapons I strode into the fight

To make drive and walk safe for guests arriving that night.

(It was only 2in, but the wind was 45mph)

(The photo is only for shock effect !!!)




Posted December 22, 2012 by PapaBear in Humor, Photo, Poetry

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4 responses to “3 Days Before Christmas

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  1. Fantabulous! PS I love being snowed in, just not the digging my way out.

  2. Beauteous. Pop over to my blog and see my acknowledgement of your kind award. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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