What treasures lie at the end of the rainbow? If not the proverbial pot of gold, then what? Not jewels, or silver, or gold, but dreams… Dreams, and surely if you don’t chase them They will never be yours.

>>> Valentine’s Day <<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   Fericita Ziua îndrăgostiţilor ** Všechno nejlepší k Valentýnovi ** Gelukkige Valentijnsdag ** Onnellisen Ystävänpäiväkortin Päivä ** La Saint-Valentin heureuse ** Glücklichen Valentinstag ** Boldog Valentin-napra ** San Valentino felice ** なバレンタインデー ** Glad Valentines Dag ** Dia dos Namorados feliz ** Día de los enamorados feliz **عيد حب سعيد ** Srećan Dan zaljubljenih… Read More >>> Valentine’s Day <<<

Heddal Stavekirke is Norway’s largest Stave Church. It was built in the 12th/13th century. This church is an even more intriguing place once one hears the legend of its origin. The story goes that five farmers from Heddal named Raud Rygi, Stebbe Strånd, Kjeik Sem, Grut Grene, and Vrang Stivi decided to join forces and… Read More

~~~++ A Very Merry Christmas to All *** Happy Holidays Everyone of You ++~~~

 It’s been a  busy, but quiet year here at Casita en el Lago.  All ceilings and walls, windows and trim, have been painted.  New hardwood floors installed and new carpet laid in the den and bedrooms.  Overall, it  looks like a perfectly new house.  Springtime will bring the last of the major improvements. The drivewaHy needs… Read More ~~~++ A Very Merry Christmas to All *** Happy Holidays Everyone of You ++~~~

~~ Summertime ~~

********************** Another lazy summer day on the lake Of the peace, and the quiet I partake And while away some time that in years Before were only dreams and wishes. ********** While they’re not leviathans, they’re sure fun to catch 18 inches, 4 1/2 lbs, this was a nice one Some of my usual “fishin’… Read More ~~ Summertime ~~


The golden harp lilts its soft melody Joined by a sweet violin in its symphony Feet gliding across the skies soft floor  Hearts thinking only of forevermore