~ SleepyHead ~

  ********************************** ++++++++++++++ Sleep is a stranger tonight.  I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, contemplating the age old question… Why ? ++++++++++++++ The questions have no answers The poem has no rhyme The song has no music There is no meaning in the words The story has no ending… ===== There comes a… Read More ~ SleepyHead ~

~~ Footprints – A History Lesson

 ****************************************************** ************************************** “So you’re back again.  Have you decided on the property?  The clerk looked up and gave him a welcome smile. “Not just yet.”  He replied,  “Today I’m here to do some research on it though.  Do you have records back to when it was first platted and sold? “Not right here, but give… Read More ~~ Footprints – A History Lesson

Good Night

********************* Words don’t come to me tonight So I will lay the pen aside And sleep til early morning’s light Knowing failed…, but tried. ****************** GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY ! ******** **** ** * *

~~At Odds~~

………….. …………….. The pencil’s broken The inkwell’s dry I’m left to sit and wonder why I search each day and try to find But words don’t come to this tired mind None and nothing comes it seems But endless, worn, and weary dreams Another night of broken sleep There seems no thought that I may… Read More ~~At Odds~~

~+ G’nite Again +~

********************************* ******************************** Embers in th’ fireplace have finally died Can’t keep me eyes open e’en tho I tried An’ now wi’ these words finally said I’ll take me weary bones off to me bed… *********************** ************* Good Night Everybody ! ******* *** *    

Cajun Queen

(Click on images to enlarge) ******* There’s a sultry place Where the bayou streams Close to city’s lights Down by New Orleans The moon shines bright And stars, it seems Give all their light  To a cajun queen She’s tall and slender And a lithe eighteen  Her heart’s not tender  This cajun queen Few words she… Read More Cajun Queen