~~ Good Night

************** In a crystal clear sky On a cold starry night A thin crescent moon  Gives naught of its light ‘Tis time for the promise Of dreams to keep To rest our weary heads And, at last, to sleep. ************************************ GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY ! ************ ****** *** *

Good Night

It’s getting too late for me to think and to write So I think I’ll give up and just say good night *** I’m tired and weary And ready for bed. Now where is that pillow for my sleepy head? *** GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY !!! ______________________ ********** ____

Blues Song

********** ************** Yesterday’s  just an ol’ blues song All the notes and words were wrong Clouds and misty chilling rain Bring to me a sad refrain + Chilly morning’s gray and dreary Up from bed still tired ‘n’ weary Day old bread ‘n’ coffee’s stale Deep down blues begin to wail. + Gotta change this… Read More Blues Song


************ I wrote this a little over 3 years ago and as morose as this poem sounds, I actually felt worse.  I had been on a waiting list for a heart transplant for over a year and my condition was deteriorating pretty rapidly.  I was extremely limited as far as any physical activity and the lack of… Read More Angels