+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   A house, for those many, may be called a home But for some it’s only boards and some stone They are the more lucky, for they, from the start Know that home is the warmth that lives in the heart. ++++++++++++++++++++++++  GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY ********************* ************ ***

~~ Footprints – A History Lesson

 ****************************************************** ************************************** “So you’re back again.  Have you decided on the property?  The clerk looked up and gave him a welcome smile. “Not just yet.”  He replied,  “Today I’m here to do some research on it though.  Do you have records back to when it was first platted and sold? “Not right here, but give… Read More ~~ Footprints – A History Lesson

~~ Angel ~~

*********************************************** ******************************* Her eyes upon me as I face each day’s tides With a smile and a song she’s always by my side ……….. A whisper in the breeze as I walk along the leaf strewn street. A warmth that surrounds me when I know that no one’s there A peace I that feel with all that I meet And… Read More ~~ Angel ~~


*********************************************** Not much happening tonight.  No visitors, no chores to be finished, nothing much on TV…, I arranged some kindling and wood on the grate and touched a match to them.  A fireplace can be such a wonderful thing.  I sat back to watch the flames dance in their myriad moods and colors and listened to… Read More Quiet

Thank You

**************************** To everyone who read and commented on “Passage” that was posted yesterday… ************************************** Thank you for your compassion and caring at at time of family loss and grief.  Your kindness is very much appreciated.  Thank you for the warmth of your friendship. My love to you all, Paul ******************** *********** ****