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In a Moment   7 comments


In a moment:

A war is begun…   Thousands become homeless, starve, die, and these are not among the soldiers in combat.

A person is murdered… vengance, revenge, hate, and senselessly for some.  The reason is never logical or enough to justify the crime.

A heart is broken… a thoughtless word or act, a partner dies, love is not returned, love is abused, or just allowed to die.

A town is destroyed… an earthquake, a fire, a flood, a tornado, or just the unthinking carelessness of man

Promises are broken… by accident, by devious plan, by indifference, by necessity, just by viscious meanness.


A life is saved… by a kind word, by a heroic gesture, by the efforts of medicine.

Dreams are realized… by nurturing them into reality, by hard work and faith

A child is born… a miracle, a gift of love.

Love is given and received… In a smile passed between strangers, in words of love between lovers, spouses, and friends

Peace is won… through heroic gestures, faith, miracles, words, smiles, and love.


Happiness comes… when we realize our worth on this earth and strive to improve our lives and the world around us.  It comes when we live up to our potential and ability to care about each other.  We have to care enough to live in that moment and share it with those around us. 

Someone once said – “Either you’re part of the solution…, or you’re part of the problem”. 


Which do you want to be ???





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The Gates of War   3 comments


Man in a Golden Helmet-Rembrandt

Man in a Golden Helmet – Rembrandt van Rijn


Wanderlust had led me far

Following that fated star

Leading to the gates of war

That Satan’s own had left ajar


And now I see on looking back

With wearied eyes and burdened back

A tired old man with nothing left

With mourning soul and heart bereft


How can this world not be ready for the

Quiet happiness and calm of peace?




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Light Bearers   5 comments


War –  Pestilence –  Famine –  Death

* The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse  *

They ride rampant and wild across today’s world, uncontrolled.


As I look around today, I don’t like what I see

Has this the world gone bad, or is it just me?

Have we gone so far astray, this mess that we’ve become

Too many following different drummers beating different drums.

Robbery and rape, war, and greed

All growing from sick and sallow seeds.

Hope grows thin, but not disappeared

Assailed by woe’s flame, damaged and seared

But within the carnage of fear and blight

There are still keepers of the light

Who still the demons of the night

And bring to us the new day’s bright.


Look for the Light-Bearers




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