Good Night

********************* Words don’t come to me tonight So I will lay the pen aside And sleep til early morning’s light Knowing failed…, but tried. ****************** GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY ! ******** **** ** * *

************************************************* Too much serious stuff going on…. I just felt like being Goofy again tonight !!! ********************************************************************* ********************************** ************* ***

~ At Peace ~

********************************** *********************************************** It’s quiet tonight, cloudy, with soft drizzling rain pattering against the window.  For once, my tired mind is quiet too, not pulled in so many directions by people, chores, worries, and problems.  Oh, all of those things are still out there…, just not tonight.  My heart is at peace as I wander through… Read More ~ At Peace ~

On the Bayou

******************************** *********************** ***********  ************************************* It’s quiet out on the bayou tonight Fog’s rollin’ in and the moon’s shinin’ bright Sittin’ on the back porch, me ‘n’ my cheri’ Countin’ stars ‘n’ snugglin’, my cheri’ ‘n me We fall asleep while sittin’ there most every night it seems Holdin’ to each other as we drift off… Read More On the Bayou


********************************** ********************** I sit in the darkness there is no light Mind wanders, wonders What do I write about tonight News is only dismal…,  sad Little there to make my heart glad Little hope for change in sight So I think I’ll just say good night. …and hope for a better tomorrow. ********** ***** ***… Read More Tonight


*********************************** **************** *** ___________________________________________________ Really not in the mood to write I’m just feeling goofy tonight !!! * ****** *********************** *********************************