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Tonight I am far away.

I am in another time and space, holding a beautiful young girl in my arms and dancing to

the melody of a soft, slow waltz.  She is smiling sweetly.  No words are spoken.  None need

be as our hearts are so entwined that each knows instinctively what the other is thinking.

There are at least a hundred other people at the dance but we neither see nor hear them as

we are lost in an intimately private world of our own.

 Veranda - Buena Vista - Biloxi

The music in the Buena Vista ballroom died and the band packed up and was leaving.  We danced out onto the veranda to the music that kept playing in our hearts that night.  Til then, neither had voiced the words “I love you”, but we’d heard them a thousand times in each other’s eyes.



A Winter’s Gift   2 comments




Come, walk with me a while

Let’s share some time.

If you favor me a smile

Maybe I’ll offer you a rhyme.

It’s quiet, peaceful here

Let’s sit and take a rest

Forget the rush, think Christmas cheer

Savor this time…., evening’s best.


Forget the chaotic scenes back there.

A moment, I’ll brush the snow from your hair.

Let’s wander farther, the spirit’s in the air,

And the happiness in knowing that you care.

Just a moment away from the Christmas crush

A moment stolen from the hurry and the rush.


Give yourself that gift.  You don’t have to wait.

Do it now….., just in case Santa’s late.




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Pencil Sketch3

Hi All,

Takin’ some time off and going to visit brother-in-law in NJ.  He lives on the shore near Barnagat.  Have been promised some fishing (if the weather is ok) and/or some good fresh seafood.  The NY style pizza out there is always great too.  Will have some pics to share on return and, if fate is kind, maybe a story or two. 


Be safe, be well, and be sure to be good to yourselves !







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~~As Time Passes~~   4 comments





in the little time we hold
we share emotions bright and bold
thoughts of care and love are told
through the years as we grow old






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In a Young Man’s Dreams   4 comments




Another time,

Another place,

Another smile,

Another face

Another dance

Another chance

For another new romance…







Another dream

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Invitation   8 comments



Would you come up on the porch
And visit for a while
Take my hand and sit a spell
And favor me a smile

Sunset Porch swing picture[1]

Share some peaceful time with me

Until the evening’s o’er

And you find it’s time to go

and leave me by the door.


Then you can take your leave
 slowly walk out to the gate
 Turn and wave a sweet farewell
I’ll just sit here and wait


Til you return again.




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NDE   8 comments




Every minute that you spend thinking about what’s wrong subtracts precious time from concentrating on doing the right things.  We die a little every day that we are alive.  Being alive and living are two individual, separate activities.  Being alive is just a passive existance.  Living is making that existance meaningful.

I have had 3 NDEs in my life and each served to amplify my awareness of the people and the world around me.  I watch the world and observe the people…, and I feel that there are just too many who are just alive.., and not enough that are living.  Every new day is an opportunity to open ourselves to live the life we were meant to live. 

Take control of your life and live it !!!!!






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