~~ Peace ~~

**************************** ************ . . ************** It’s a still, cold evening.  The golden, full moon is slowly rising from the depths along the horizon.  A deep, dark sky is strewn with pin points of diamond light, uncountable stars glittering in the chill.  The quiet silence is so peaceful.  The whole world should know such peace. *****************… Read More ~~ Peace ~~

~~ Dark Night ~~

*************************************** ************************ It’s a quiet night, the kind of ending one might expect at the terminus of a peaceful day.  It’s foggy, and there’s a soft gentle rain falling.  No stars or moon tonight, nothing but the deepening dark…, and the rain. There’s a dark, hollow emptiness following me.  I feel alone in the cacophony of… Read More ~~ Dark Night ~~

~~Summer Lost~~

 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ **************************** Looking back to January, what has happened to this year?  Winter seemed to continue forever, almost into April, then came an anemic Spring that lingered like a recalcitrant, stubborn child, refusing to leave even when prompted by the calendar.  Summer has tried to make an appearance but seems to always be pushed back… Read More ~~Summer Lost~~


********************************* ************************ A soft quiet night And the warm air is still Lightning bugs floatin’ Up there on the hill No hint of a moon Just stars in the sky It’s a soft, sultry night At the start of July ************************ ************* ***** ** *

Ten Thousand

*********************** Down this beach we’ve walked ten thousand times, hand in hand, sharing talk and smiles. We’ve traveled endless highways with no complaint about  thousands of the miles. I’ve dreamed beside you ten thousand nights enraptured by your eyes. We counted a hundred thousand stars across wide velvet skies. You kissed me ten thousand times as we parted… Read More Ten Thousand