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~ Once Upon a Time…….   2 comments



………and it all began with a question.  

 It had been a long day and I was tired to begin with, but I had promised to take some friends to the Buena Vista Hotel where there was a beauty pageant being held.  They gave me a ticket and I accompanied them to the show.  I was seated apart from them, about seven rows back from the stage.  All of the contestants were pretty…, all but one, and as far as I was concerned, she was just the most beautiful girl there that night.

GMB 2a

  I couldn’t take my eyes from her.  It must have been pretty obvious, because after a while, as she walked across the stage, she looked at me and smiled.  I teased myself into thinking that such a beautiful girl could be possibly interested in me.  Nah !  I was dreaming again. 

After a while I found myself tired of the whole evening and, despite that unbelievably beautiful creature, I was leaving.  I went up to the piano bar and told the pianist that if the guys were looking for me I would be out on the beach.  I stopped at the bar and grabbed a coke, went across the walkway and down to the car where I deposited my shoes, and then headed for the beach.  I’d started to walk up the beach toward fishing piers which were one of my favorite places to sit, rest, and contemplate life and then is when it came…….

“Hey, G.I., would y’all mind if I walk with you?”

This is where it all began.  I turned and was face-to-face with that incredibly beautiful girl from the contest.  My first reaction was total confusion and disbelief as I thought she should still be back there in the contest.  My second thoughts were: Wow ! She’s even more beautiful than I first thought !

“I don’t mind if you don’t mind walking with a complete stranger, ….but aren’t you supposed to be in that contest at the hotel, Gayle?”

“Uhh, you know my name ?”

“Yeah, it was in the program with your picture.”

“Oh, well then that makes us even, Paul.”

Now it was my turn to be surprised and I gave her a sideways glance.

“They told me at the bar when I asked about you.”

As the evening continued, we walked out on the pier and sat at the end, dangling our legs over the water.  Conversation wound itself around Mississippi, Indiana, school, the Air Force, friends, and such other safe topics as we slowly began to become acquainted.  She was sweet and easy to be with and spoke with a soft, slow southern accent that totally bewitched me.  I didn’t want her to stop talking. 

The evening ended with a slow walk back up the beach and across to her car.  She gave me her phone number.  I was at a loss to give her mine as it was a pay phone in the squadron orderly room.  She understood. 

Rather than a kiss good night, (I thought that would be much too forward), I took her hand and kissed it, asking if we could meet again.  She told me that could be a definite possibility and I should call her soon. 

 Well, that’s how it all started, fifty-three years ago tonight, on a soft southern evening when a young man’s mind turned to springtime and flowers, and romance. 

Ahh….!  The memories are still sweet …………………..









Roses   5 comments


The living roses are now gone
both of them.
The world sings a more sad song
without them.
No more blossoms come
to cheer and light the day.
No sweet scent to guide the way
at night.
In their place two angels sing
Peace to those who loved them bring.
He sat in the garden where, so long ago, she brought him to tell of how she and her mother had tended this place and how beautiful it had been. There were tears of remembrance as she recounted how they had, each springtime, cleared, planted and nurtured the flowers…, and the love they shared for each other…, and how much she missed the warmth of her mother’s tender and sheltering care.  He looked around him at the weeds and overgrowth, and after hearing her, he began to understand how much love had been alive in this place, resolved that it would once again be a tribute to the two women who had shared so much here.

She would be away for a couple of days now, plenty of time for all to be accomplished. He brought out the tools and implements he needed from the shed and began by cutting everything to the ground. All would need to be replaced, even the roses whose canes had died. He had finished by noon and had gone to the nursery to look for flowers. He selected everblooming roses, red ones with large, full blossoms, then a collage of annual and perennial color to complete the vision she had described. By early afternoon the next day it was finished and he was satisfied. He scrubbed and polished the marble bench that was at the end of the walkway in the middle of the plantings, turned and walked back to the house to wait for her return.

Around five o’clock he heard her car in the driveway but was puzzled when she didn’t come into the house. Looking out the front window, he saw her sitting on the bench among the flowers. After a while she came into the house and took him by the hand and led him back out to the garden. She looked up into his eyes and said, “Love is growing here once again…”


The garden, the roses, both of them, the marble bench are all gone now, but not the love that lived there. That is forever.


~~~Three Feet Tall~~~   4 comments


Washington St rowdies


Memories of three feet tall

And tattered hand-me-downs

Of dreams beneath the back-door porch
In leaves of gold and brown.

Shades of autumn fill the air

And blanket all around.

Then with the frost and chilly wind

Cold snow blankets the ground

The bed was swept and bare,

Reborn in white the season’s end

With snow and frigid air.

Came springtime and the snow was gone.

Replaced by wind and rain.

But summer’s warmth was soon to dawn

And bring the sun again.

With memories of three feet tall,

And tattered hand-me-downs.







The Promise of Roses   6 comments



Through the bitterness of winter cold

Blanketed by immaculate snow

They will bloom again I’m told

When springtime comes we know


Winter holds a tenacious grip on the land.  Not in recent years can I recall when so much of the country has been affected by such bitter cold and deep snow.  I…, and you… can only look forward to the time when this frigid time will pass into the warmth of spring. 





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~~ A Wintertime Heart ~~   6 comments


Her hair was black

And her eyes were blue

She was slender and tall

And beautiful too


I knew she was trouble

Right from the start

Cause I’m a summertime boy

And She had wintertime heart


She was cruising’ the boardwalk

Keepin’ time with the beat

And she knew that she had

Every eye on the street


I knew she was trouble

Right from the start

Cause I’m a summertime boy

And She had a wintertime heart


Walked by when I passed her

Didn’t give her a glance

Kept my eyes on the street

Didn’t give her a chance


I knew she was trouble

Right from the start

Cause I’m a summertime boy

And She had a wintertime heart


Paused at the corner

I was hopin’ we’d meet

When I looked there beside me

She was crossin’ the street


I knew she was trouble

Right from the start

Cause I’m a summertime boy

And She’s got a wintertime heart


Eyes met as we stood there

And I knew, wrong or right

The choice had been made

Who she’d chosen tonight


I knew she was trouble

Right from the start

Cause I’m a summertime boy

And She’s got a wintertime heart


But it was Springtime now





(My amateur effort at another song.  Pick your own genre and beat)