A Winter’s Gift

************************************************ ++++++++++++++++++++ Come, walk with me a while Let’s share some time. If you favor me a smile Maybe I’ll offer you a rhyme. It’s quiet, peaceful here Let’s sit and take a rest Forget the rush, think Christmas cheer Savor this time…., evening’s best. Forget the chaotic scenes back there. A moment, I’ll brush the… Read More A Winter’s Gift

~ At Peace ~

********************************** *********************************************** It’s quiet tonight, cloudy, with soft drizzling rain pattering against the window.  For once, my tired mind is quiet too, not pulled in so many directions by people, chores, worries, and problems.  Oh, all of those things are still out there…, just not tonight.  My heart is at peace as I wander through… Read More ~ At Peace ~

~~At Odds~~

………….. …………….. The pencil’s broken The inkwell’s dry I’m left to sit and wonder why I search each day and try to find But words don’t come to this tired mind None and nothing comes it seems But endless, worn, and weary dreams Another night of broken sleep There seems no thought that I may… Read More ~~At Odds~~