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~~~ Too Many Miles ~~~   1 comment

I venture forth when shadows
Steal the evening’s light
Wandering darkened pathways
Through the blackened night
I passed by your window
Gazed on you asleep
Continued on my journey
Into the long night’s deep
Had I stopped
would want to stay
But too many miles
Before light of day…





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~~ Good Night   4 comments


Veranda - Buena Vista - Biloxi


Sweet Dreams

Sleep doesn’t come as I close my eyes

I still see the moonlit starry skies

And hear the faint melody of the band inside

As we dance on the beautiful balcony outside

Another slow waltz, as we glide ‘cross the floor

And quietly slip away through the veranda’s back door

Was not in our mind to spend the night at a dance

When under the moonlight we dreamed of romance.







Good Night   1 comment



Words don’t come to me tonight

So I will lay the pen aside

And sleep til early morning’s light

Knowing failed…, but tried.









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~~ Angel ~~   3 comments




Her eyes upon me as I face each day’s tides

With a smile and a song she’s always by my side


A whisper in the breeze as I walk along the leaf strewn street.

A warmth that surrounds me when I know that no one’s there

A peace I that feel with all that I meet

And the mystical feel of magic in the air.


I feel surrounded by a joy i can not name

And a sense of happy that’s mine alone to claim


In each day I find a bit of love that I may keep

and I sow this seed so that there’s more that I might reap.

And when the night becomes weary, dark and deep

A sweet Southern Angel watches o’er me as I sleep…










~~At Odds~~   4 comments




The pencil’s broken The inkwell’s dry

I’m left to sit and wonder why

I search each day and try to find

But words don’t come to this tired mind

None and nothing comes it seems

But endless, worn, and weary dreams

Another night of broken sleep

There seems no thought that I may keep

So I leave you now on this tired night

And, again, reach out for the light

That once again will set me free

And unchain the spirit inside of me

To write…



Good Night Everybody






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~~A Troubled Mind   7 comments




It’s late

Weariness waits

But I don’t sleep

List too long

No sweet song

Only promises to keep.


The night goes on forever and cares of the days haunt my tired mind.  The days…, the days, where did they all go?  They pass so quickly now and nights, too, are short and restless.  Longingly, I think of peaceful hours of times past, and of the soft contentment of love’s sweet fulfillment.  These, tonight are of little comfort, only serving to torture my thoughts by their dissolution and, at times, their absence.  I am bound to words given, vows spoken, and an unwavering loyalty to a way of thinking and living that is rapidly becoming archaic and outdated.  Sometimes feeling disoriented and rejected, out of sync with a world that leaves me stumbling in its wake.


I will surrender to inevitable exhaustion and, at long last, wander into the quiet world of my dreams.  Will these be of a past long past, or will there be a vision of a more pleasant present day…, or will they be of the happiness of a future promised by hope?  Sleep now…



Tomorrow will dawn a new day with new promises.






~~ More Odds ‘n’ Ends   4 comments



The night is clear
The moon is bright
Stars wink at me
From their place in the heavens
I see your reflection in their eyes.


‘Tis now past the appointed hour
Needs to find the midnight flower
And send ourselves off to sleep
In search of dreams to hold and keep.



Night falls with the softness and
serenity of a snowflake.  In the gentle
peace of sleep we drift into our dreams.


The day was tired and worn
And now it’s early, early morn
So in the star vaults vast and deep
I rest my weary mind and sleep.


Dreams come
And linger on
In the silent hours
Before the dawn
It is their peace I take
Til the sun rises
And I awake


In a crystal clear sky
On a cold starry night
A thin crescent moon
 Gives naught of its light
‘Tis time for the promise
Of dreams to keep
To rest our weary heads
And, at last, to sleep.


free and high
above the troubled earth
like an arrow in an azure sky
above the loud and noisome dearth



Touch me
…with the softness of a feather
….with the sweet scent of mountain heather
Look with me into the starlit sky above
Let me touch the wonder of your love.


Songs and lullabies, metre and rhyme
Rules for the melodies
And rules for romance
Looking for answers to life’s mysteries
Once again…, I’d die for this dance.


Looking out the window tonight
Moon and stars shining bright
Peacefully quiet,
As the world should be
In this moment of eternity.


It was a cold and dreary night, all warmth gone,

Save one candle to last til dawn for warmth and light

But that candle is you, and it is enough for me.

Candle and hands