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The living roses are now gone
both of them.
The world sings a more sad song
without them.
No more blossoms come
to cheer and light the day.
No sweet scent to guide the way
at night.
In their place two angels sing
Peace to those who loved them bring.
He sat in the garden where, so long ago, she brought him to tell of how she and her mother had tended this place and how beautiful it had been. There were tears of remembrance as she recounted how they had, each springtime, cleared, planted and nurtured the flowers…, and the love they shared for each other…, and how much she missed the warmth of her mother’s tender and sheltering care.  He looked around him at the weeds and overgrowth, and after hearing her, he began to understand how much love had been alive in this place, resolved that it would once again be a tribute to the two women who had shared so much here.

She would be away for a couple of days now, plenty of time for all to be accomplished. He brought out the tools and implements he needed from the shed and began by cutting everything to the ground. All would need to be replaced, even the roses whose canes had died. He had finished by noon and had gone to the nursery to look for flowers. He selected everblooming roses, red ones with large, full blossoms, then a collage of annual and perennial color to complete the vision she had described. By early afternoon the next day it was finished and he was satisfied. He scrubbed and polished the marble bench that was at the end of the walkway in the middle of the plantings, turned and walked back to the house to wait for her return.

Around five o’clock he heard her car in the driveway but was puzzled when she didn’t come into the house. Looking out the front window, he saw her sitting on the bench among the flowers. After a while she came into the house and took him by the hand and led him back out to the garden. She looked up into his eyes and said, “Love is growing here once again…”


The garden, the roses, both of them, the marble bench are all gone now, but not the love that lived there. That is forever.



The First Snow   4 comments

(This is a sequel to an earlier post “The Evening Mist” and will be a continuing story)



A Late Autumn Visit


Leaves covered the grass like a multi-colored blanket.  It was a season when life seemed to be receding and going into hiding or hibernation.  The mood of the outdoors brought the thoughts and memories, like the weight of years bearing down on his shoulders.  It’s been so long since he had felt the warmth and softness of love in his arms, seen those sapphire bright eyes, and the glow of that radiant smile.  There is this private place in the heart where these feelings, most times kept in check by the cares and trials of the day, surface, unexpectedly, in the quiet hours of the early morn.  It seems that truly complete love forms such a connection that, even after a physical absence of so many years, that bond still exists, through death and beyond.

The windows were closed, but there was a whisper of a breeze and the curtains parted.  Though no one was visibly there, her spirit filled the room. Her scent drifted through the air and he stirred, but did not waken.  His mind not aware, but his heart feels her at his side, in his arms, and he tastes the warm red wine of her lips on his.  There is a sweet caress…, a gentle calm comes over his troubled soul and he is at peace again.  He woke to the undeniable scent of Jasmine, though it was winter and the night’s snowfall had blanketed everything in white…, everything but the footprints leading from the window near his bed.


It’s the second dream like this, the first this past summer on that night at the beach.  Dreaming ?  Maybe, but again, what about those footprints ?  …again last night…, footprints, footprints that lead to nowhere.  Was he going mad ?  Had he crossed some invisible line of mental behavior ?  He didn’t think so.

Ok…  It was time to get ready for work…, and the driveway needed to be cleared.  As he started down the driveway with the snowblower, he noticed that the footprints he had seen earlier had somehow disappeared.  There had been no more snow to cover them.  They were simply gone.  Had they ever existed  ?  It was late.  No time to dwell on this now.  He had to get to work.   Footprints…?




Good Night Everybody !!!

May you find rest in your sleep

Peace in your mind

And Love in your heart !

Something Different   3 comments






The door creaked open on loose, rusty hinges. 

She was silhouetted by the bright full moon

as she slinked erotically through the entrance. 

She crossed the room with a slow, sensual gait

and held me in the gaze of her green-gold eyes. 

Without a word, she began to caress me,

pressing her sensuous body against mine. 

I pulled her close to me and she rested

her head on my shoulder, her breath, soft against my neck. 

She had the slightest scent of rose

and gardenia about her. 

She purred sweetly in my ear…


“Alright, Lily Cat…, You’ve been chasing that damn chipmunk through the flowers again, haven’t you ?” 


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