~~ The Page ~~

Now is a quiet time A place for verse A space for rhyme. What better way In heart and mind To end the day. The day is ended Work is done Wrongs are mended. The evening sky In star filled dark Asks not why We search for love ‘neath silver moon And stars above. In… Read More ~~ The Page ~~



************************************************** The night was calm and quiet Except for an occasional cricket, or cicada The evening sky was crystal clear Venus stood high in the heavens Peering at the sliver of a pale moon Slowly bringing itself above the horizon She seemed to smirk at the sliver of a crescent As if to say…, “Is… Read More Tonight

~ At Peace ~

********************************** *********************************************** It’s quiet tonight, cloudy, with soft drizzling rain pattering against the window.  For once, my tired mind is quiet too, not pulled in so many directions by people, chores, worries, and problems.  Oh, all of those things are still out there…, just not tonight.  My heart is at peace as I wander through… Read More ~ At Peace ~


********************************* ************************ A soft quiet night And the warm air is still Lightning bugs floatin’ Up there on the hill No hint of a moon Just stars in the sky It’s a soft, sultry night At the start of July ************************ ************* ***** ** *

In the Shadows

************************ ************ Dancing in the shadows hidden from the light.  Love seeks its privacy in the quiet of the night. **************** ****************************** ***