The Pathway to Heaven

  ——————————————— (click on any photos to enlarge) ============== ________ The Pathway to Heaven ***************************************** …and what I found there… The beginning of my daily Paradise… A vision of beauty…, and the sound of power… A friend to walk with… …and, at the end of day, all this beauty to reflect upon and ponder. _________________________ ++++++++++++++… Read More The Pathway to Heaven


********************* ******************** I come to her in anticipation and she welcomes me into her embrace. The intimate warmth of her envelops me. I feel the softness of her currents as she gently caresses me. The scent of her flows through the mists of my conciousness as a heady perfume. She tastes of life, and power,… Read More Rapture


*************** It surrounds us all.  It’s colorless and odorless.  It has no particular form…, not solid, not liquid, not a gas.  It’s mostly invisible, except when it chooses to appear. It’s warm…, and sensitive…, and comfortable.. It can be felt, but not with your hands. It is a healer, beyond all medicine. It’s power is… Read More Mystery