When Life Was Young

********************* This old worn out guitar won’t let me go near as far as that beautiful winking star In the moonlight it seems I’m forever tied to dreams held in balance, life’s extremes I find you in the morning light And in the starlight of the night With this I know that all is right  ******************************… Read More When Life Was Young


~ Homecoming ~

Silvery moonlight wrapped itself around everything and covered every surface.  A bright, full moon smiled down on everything below her and painted the world in a subliminal peace.  Like playful pixies, stars shyly peeked from behind their heavenly blanket, then more boldly became the gemstones of the sky.  A soft breeze played a rhapsody in… Read More ~ Homecoming ~


*** Daytime now has faded All it’s promise is now jaded And now comes the night when shadow hides the light. Shadow dreams race As in the starlight’s glow Reflects a moonlit face In the cold winters snow. * The first snow of the season has arrived in Indiana *** ** *