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A Midnight Rose   2 comments

(The painting is a bit of fluff just completed. Part of my summertime distractions.)



Only in the deepest darkness

Does she come to the one

She knows, and to him alone

Does she give the beauty

And the loveliness of the

Beautiful Midnight Rose.






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Footsteps – Part 1   11 comments


The Evening Mist



It had been an overall difficult day.  Work was hard and neverending and, rather than join the after-work group at the bar he just wanted to get away…, from everyone, and everything.  After a short drive down the coast highway he stopped at a familiar beach, one he often frequented just for this purpose.  It was unimproved, without all the modern conveniences, and not too many people frequented its environs.  For him, it was like a private sanctuary, a retreat for a tired mind and an aching heart. He finished his beer, spread a blanket on the sand and stretched out to sleep.


The red sun resigned itself to settling below the distant horizon.  Evening mist drifts silently, slowly, across  the water to the blanket where he lay dozing.  Out of the mist, like a shadow, a slyph glides to his side to caress his weary brow and kiss the eyes now closed in sleep.  He stirs, reaching, but doesn’t find the object of his quest, the subject of his dream.  She touches her lips to his, tenderly, and then drifts back into the mist, seemingly leaving no trace of her visit.  As quietly as it came, the mist drifts back out across the bay.


It’s after midnight when he wakes, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.  The night is absolutely clear, with a bright silvery moon hanging overhead.  As he carefully folds the blanket, he notices footprints leading from where he slept back into the water, all the while thinking of the strange dream he’d had.  Leave it be, he thought.  It was just a weird dream, nothing more.  Forget it!  …but what about those footprints…?  Nah, it was just a dream…


or was it ???