Alive or Living

******************************************** **********************   Life Is a Near-Death Experience Every minute that you spend thinking about what’s wrong subtracts precious time from concentrating on what’s right and good about life and doing your best to experience it.  We die a little every day that we are alive. That’s the curse of mortality. Being alive and living are two… Read More Alive or Living

~~The Eagle Cried

 ************************************************************** I read the following post from the blogsite of a friend and instantly felt that it needed to be shared.  As I read it, tears flowed pretty openly as a lot of buried emotions and memories surfaced again.  Mr. Turton’s poem brings to fore the hell of war and the agonies of those who are forced,… Read More ~~The Eagle Cried

Things I’ve Learned

**************************************************************************** These are just a few of the things I’ve learned and gathered into my version of life’s “book of knowledge”.  **************************************************************************** Trust is not a gift and must be earned.  Love is a gift not to be spurned.  Trust carefully. Love deeply. Kiss slowly…, and mean it ! Give your heart, not just your… Read More Things I’ve Learned

The Garden

*********************************** ******************************************** Was working in the planting beds around the house this afternoon.  As I tended the flowers, pruned the shrubs, worked the soil, the analogy came to me that life is so very much like a garden.  In both, a seed is planted and after a period of germination or development, life emerges…, a… Read More The Garden

The Now

************** ************** Worry not the past The future may not come Live each moment as if your last Love until this life is done ************* Which way are you going ? ****** Now ? *** Or then ? *