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Alive or Living   3 comments





Life Is a Near-Death Experience

Every minute that you spend thinking about what’s wrong subtracts precious time from concentrating on what’s right and good about life and doing your best to experience it.  We die a little every day that we are alive. That’s the curse of mortality. Being alive and living are two individual, separate activities.  Being alive is just a passive existanceLiving is making that existance meaningful.

I have had 3 NDEs, (near death experiences) in my life, one with a heart attack at age 35, the next, a “sudden-death” episode in my early 50s, and the last, 9 years ago when I had a heart transplant.  Each of these episodes served to amplify my awareness of the people and the world around me.  I watch the world and observe the people…, and I feel that there are just too many who are just alive.., and not enough that are living.  I try to fill every day with as much life as the hours and circumstances permit now. Everybody needs realize that every dawning day is a new opportunity to open ourselves to live the life we were meant to live.

Take control of your life and live it, and enjoy it !!!!!









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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays   1 comment




My wishes for you this holiday season are for hope.

Hope for a better time

to share a better life

in a better world.

Blue Merry Christmas Tree

May all of you enjoy the happiness of the holiday with your families and those you love.


Be safe if you are traveling…, and if you’re not.


My gift to you this Christmas is a prayer for your happiness…

a prayer that you will always enjoy the presence of love in your lives…

a prayer that all of us will have a joyous and healthy New Year.


I will be gone on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day my friends

so …..


…and Celebrate !!!!!





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~~The Eagle Cried   7 comments


I’m honored to share a poem from my friend, Northern California writer Richard Turton.



The Eagle Cried

The acrid smell of cordite

Still hovered in the air.

No breeze to wash away

The scent of Satan’s hair.

 The Medivac’s are fading now,

Their cabins filled with dead.

So many grisly pictures

Are surging through my head

Another hill’s been taken

The earth all charred and black

We all know what’s coming;

Tomorrow…”Give it back!”

The Eagle cries from barren trees

His tears, he cannot hide.

Where once a proud, young soldier stood

My Warrior Brother, died

 The scorched ground that surrounds me;

Am I in Dante’s Hell?

This skirmish now is over

We saw them as they fell.

My Warrior Brother, Donny,

Died that gruesome day.

He took the bullets meant for me

With his final words did say,

 “Tell Mom and Sis I loved them!

Please! Don’t let me down!”

I promised I would tell them

A promise I’d soon drown.

The Eagle cried that tragic day,

Back in Sixty-Eight.

A promise made…un-kept,

To my Warrior mate.

One thing that I’m sure of,

A thing that gives no rest.

The hounds of Hell still battle

Deep within my chest.

A bottle’d been my address

For forty years or more.

I’d take ‘most any drug,

I couldn’t find the door.

Somewhere there’s a record,

Of drugs and booze and tears.

When I crawled out of the bottle

I’d been buried in for years.

 Half a decade sober.

Not a real long time.

That’s how long I’m clean tho’,

My life’s becoming mine.

The winds of war are blowing by;

In history books they last.

I’m in the winter of my years,

My best days…they have passed.

The one thing that I’ve never done

One thing I cannot face:

To visit the Memorial,

The headstone for that place.

My daughter said, “You have to go,

To honor those who died!”

I said I know I should…

But that I’d go…I lied

Then one day the phone rang;

A call I knew I’d dread.

It was Donny’s sister,

“Please help me!” Karen pled.

 “I’ve spent these years just searching

I even hired a sleuth.

I finally found out where you live…

I need to know the truth.”

“The Army’s always been real vague,

And their answers never matched.

I need to know what happened;

They always seemed detached”

 Our Mother has passed on now,

But I still need to know;

I’d really love to meet with you,

Please…just show me how!”

 The hounds of Hell are roused again;

Their howling has re-started.

I force their shrieks out of my mind,

My path, it has been charted

 Quiet now, you dogs of war!

It’s time for a new quest!
It’s time for me to wrestle you,

And lay your souls to rest!

Then I thought the one thing,

A thought I’d never say,
Should I meet her at The Wall,

And put my hounds at bay?

I finally said I’d meet with her,

With a voice that was not mine.

“The Wall is where I’ll meet you.

I’ll see you there at nine.”

I saw flowers in her hand,

As she walked my way.

“Yellow roses were his favorite.”

Later she would say.

“Hello, my name is Karen.”

She said when we did meet

“Donny wrote me many things,

I knew that you’d be sweet!”

“I know this must be hard for you,

But I really need to know.

Please tell me how my brother died,

That day, so long ago.”

The moment had arrived.

I could hide this fact no more.

I said things I’d kept hidden,

Behind my mind’s locked door

She took my hand in hers,

And waited patiently.

My head bowed down as I thought

Of words I had to say.

I knew my words would stab her heart

But she would not look away.

She watched me as I told her

Of that ghastly day.

“Your Brother died in my arms,

In that nameless place.

He took the bullets meant for me

And died as we embraced!”

Her head dropped down, when I was done

Her chin upon her chest.

A single tear rolled down her cheek,

“Now Donny’s laid to rest.”

I walked with her as she made her way

To the Wall of Stone.

She laid the flowers at the base

Her silent prayer was sown.

At last I’ve honored those who fell,

Whose names are etched in rows.

We touched the name of Donny,

Who died so long ago.

And we cried…

The Eagle’s cry is heard again;

It lives within the Wall!

Each time a name is touched

The Eagle gives his call.


© Richard Turton

warmemorial wall


This speaks so eloquently of the feelings of a generation of soldiers, sailors, and airmen who witnessed the atrocity of this war. It aptly describes the private hell that lives in us and the memories that, while somewhat faded with time, still haunt us in the lonely late night hours. After witnessing this there could be no return to the innocence of life before it. Young men, instantly old, or maimed and old, or dead. There are those who would not admit it, but we all lost parts, important parts of our lives over there, be it the friends who died there, or something of us that died there. As you read this, please take time to honor the men and women who have served this country in the past, serving it in the now, and those who willl serve in the future. Reassure them that their sacrifice is worth the price they pay.






Things I’ve Learned   1 comment


These are just a few of the things I’ve learned and gathered into my version of life’s “book of knowledge”. 



Trust is not a gift and must be earned. 

Love is a gift not to be spurned. 

Trust carefully.

Love deeply.

Kiss slowly…, and mean it !

Give your heart, not just your words.

Live like today is your last – it may be.

Trust can take years to build, but can be destroyed in a thoughtless or careless moment.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me !

We were put on this earth to grow and prosper.  That doesn’t necessarily relate to money.

Life is short…, don’t waste time.  Live it!

Sometimes you’re given second, and even third chances.  Don’t abuse the gift.

You’re only as good as your word.

Lies and broken promises follow you like rabid dogs.

You can only make yourself presentable and available to love.  You can’t make someone love you.

When it comes to real love, actions always trump words.

When it comes to reality, examine with your mind and feel with your heart only after you see the true image with your eyes.

Don’t judge others too harshly until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

Harsh and angry words are as dangerous and destructive as any knife or gun.

Family is not always related by blood. 

Your mind is a conservative.  Your heart is a liberal.  Your eyes try to moderate the two and arrive at a good compromise.  The heart wins more battles than it loses.

Few doors slam in the face of a generous heart.

Be gentle with yourself.  There are enough people out there who will be judgemental of you.

As you mature, thoughts and priorities change…, embrace the changes.  They’re inevitable.  Fighting them only leads to frustration.


There is so much more, but I’ll save that for another time.  I’m not trying to sermonize here, just sharing things I’ve found to be true.



A Viewpoint from George   4 comments


And who said this man was nothing but 4-letter words… !!!

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Life and Love   4 comments




Life is a seedling

Growing slow like a tree

With strength in its branches

To embrace you and me



Love is a timber

Burst into a flame

Returning the embers

For ashes to claim


And like legendary phoenix

That from the ashes grew

New seedlings of dreams

To start  life to renew






Love is life is love is life is love continuing in a never ending circle.

Only humanity is finite.


I wish for all of you…

Peace for your dreams

Love for your hearts

Good Night Everybody !

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Doin’ the Things I Can   5 comments



(This came to mind the other night.  Couldn’t sleep so…..
It’s a song – think slow country ballad)


Now I’m tired and I’m weary

And I can’t understand

Why there’s no peace of mind these days

These days…


There are times that I wanted to just fade away

Things are just not the way that I planned

But each mornin’ I get up to face the new day

Smile, and do the things that I can…, I can


All the hopes that I dreamed of

were all made of sand

And slipped through my fingers

Slipped away…, away


There are times that I wanted to just fade away

Things are just not the way that I planned

But each mornin’ I get up to face the new day

Smile, and do the things that I can…, I can


I can see theres no use to cry and complain

Things are not gonna change that way…, that way

Doin’ life’s hard work’s the only way to gain

Gotta work before I can play



There are times that I wanted to just fade away

Things are just not the way that I planned

But each mornin’ I get up to face the new day

Smile, and do the things that I can…, I can


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