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~~ The Silence of the Night ~~   1 comment

It’s a, soft, peaceful time.

Stars wink down from 

The magnificence of their heavens

I marvel at their beauty as 

I permit the shadows of evening

To wrap my mind in the quiet

And I am at peace with

The silence of the night.



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~ Stars ~   1 comment


The night is crystal clear

And the slivered moon is bright.

Stars wink at me

From their place in the heavens tonight.

I see your reflection

In their eyes





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September Eve   4 comments

The sky is painted in shades of rose, purple, and gray
As the evening sun sets on another beautiful day
Diamond dust stars will cover the vault of the heavens soon
As from over the hill across the field appears a silvery moon
Sit quietly…, let your heart and mind absorb the scene
As the night brings its peace to make the world serene


To everyone…, peace in your mind, joy in your heart, and happiness to surround you for all of your days. May you know love every day of your life, and share it with everyone around you.
Bí fíor chun tú féin, i gcónaí

Good Night Everybody




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~~Into the Night~~   5 comments



Quiet hangs as the sun leaves the horizon

Silently immersed in the coming of night.

One by one, stars make their appearance in the heavens

Jewels, scattered randomly streaming their precious light.

Darkness spreads the night with its calm and peace

Permitting the days cares and worries to, at last, ease

A luminous moon, with its soft and silvery beams

Comes to light the hidden pathways to our dreams.




Good Night Everybody !





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2014…..   6 comments

As we open the Book of Years to 2014.., to a new page.., to a new chapter…




May all of your roads be downhill

May your blessings be as many as the stars in the heavens

May you always have enough

May your heart always be too full of love for troubles to enter

May your soul be too full of peace to harbor bitterness or hate

…And may the sun always shine on your dreams.


These are my wishes for you for this New Year…, and forever, my friends

May they all come true. 


Peace and Love


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Soft and Peaceful   1 comment

Soft and Peaceful

The Quiet of Evening

 Day has squandered its quotient of heat

Its energy finally spent

Time is come for its endless hustle

To now, at long last, relent…

To the quiet of evening

The soft hush of twilight

With the hint of a breeze

And a romantic, sweet tease

Welcomes the night…

With the softness of evening

‘Cross a dark velvet blanket

Spread the jewels of the night

In the vault of the heavens

Moon and stars shining bright…

In the quiet of evening.