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The Night Before   2 comments




‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring…, except one little gray mouse


The dog sound asleep on a chair by the fire

Soon to be joined by the cat, as she chose to retire


Humans all sleeping tucked tight in their beds

Dreams about Christmas danced ’round in their heads


He scouted the house from his spot by the broom

Making sure that all was safe in the warm, quiet room

He scampered ‘cross the room, feeling happy and free

Around the furniture and he ran up the tree


Where from limb to limb popcorn garlands were strung

And from it, well spaced, small cookies were hung

Up the tree, to a limb, ever higher he scampered

Crunching and munching and feeling well pampered

Then from a room up above he heard a noise

And thought it might be one of the boys


Sneaking down the stairs quiet and quick

Hoping to catch a brief glimpse of St. Nick

Down from the tree and across the room

He scampered to his hiding place behind the broom

All was quiet as he went back to his hole

and dropped the armful of popcorn safe in his bowl

He crawled into the matchbox and into his bed

Pulling the covers up over his head


Then later that night, though he didn’t have proof

He thought he heard sleigh bells up high on the roof

Next morning what a wonderful sight did he see

But piles of presents under the tree

And a box full of popcorn and cookies and cheese

The little mouse smiled as big as you please


For Santa had come to the little green house

And left a bit of Christmas for the little gray mouse.



Good Night Everyone !






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A Run for the Sun – Day 1   3 comments



Went south attempting to escape some of the cold Midwestern winter for a few days

Was ok, but not as warm as was expected.


Arrived at the beachfront “condo” to gray skies, high winds, and an angry sea.

What ever happened to “sunny Florida” ???



Even the Pelicans were heading for cover and safe harbor.


The Egrets and Herons were hiding beneath the piers !


The Pelicans finally decided that there was safety in numbers.

Latecomers had to shield the “early birds” from the wind !


Finally, after about 5pm the clouds started to break and

give way to a weak sun…, but the wind kept driving the

tide forward relentlessly.


Around 5:30 the clouds finally decided to head east

and we were left with a weak, windy sunset.


So much for Day 1





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Blues Song   9 comments




Yesterday’s  just an ol’ blues song

All the notes and words were wrong

Clouds and misty chilling rain

Bring to me a sad refrain


Chilly morning’s gray and dreary

Up from bed still tired ‘n’ weary

Day old bread ‘n’ coffee’s stale

Deep down blues begin to wail.


Gotta change this life somehow

Find a reason, change it now

Singin’ out this sad refrain

Walkin’ lonely in the rain.


Chilly morning’s gray and dreary

Up from bed still tired ‘n’ weary

Day old bread ‘n’ coffee’s stale

Deep down blues begin to wail.


Day old bread ‘n’ coffee’s stale

Deep down blues begin to wail.






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