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     Well, it’s been a short summer, but a longer time than I’ve had time to call my own.  What with a few short 2 day trips here and there, and projects around the house & yard, and….., well I never would have believed that grandkids could take up so much of my time!!!!!  Aside from the above, I’ve been fishing a bit…, and painting…., and doing a lot of readin’ and relaxin’, but not too much writing, as you’ve probably noted .  Other than being busy a lot, I’ve enjoyed it all. 


A color pencil work…..


….and a watercolor


Well, the clock is pushin’ on toward midnight here and I should probably be

calling it a day before my eyes slam completely shut so………

OK, OK….. goodnight everybody !!!


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The pencil is broken.

The pen’s out of ink.


The brain is so tired

I just can’t think !


Good Night Everybody





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The Olympics are now over,

and weren’t they a sight?

Think I’ll pull up the covers

and just say good night ?


May your dreams be of love and peace !




celt heart

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As my servant stopped to turn out the light…,

He asked that I bid you a fond good night !


The LilyCat




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Dinner had ended, Pops retired to his office, Molly to the kitchen to finish cleanup, and a young lady took her young man out to the veranda for some fresh air.

Chantilly lace and a pretty face
 And a pony tail hangin’ down
A wiggle in the walk and a giggle in the talk
Make the world go ’round”.

“Sounds like he’s singing about you, darlin’ girl”.  The music drifted across the veranda to the young couple sitting on the swing.  “Dance”? she teased.  “Sure”, and they worked their way into their own style of jitter/swing, both enjoying the casual play of the dance.  Just as quickly the music morphed into a soft slow ballad and they eased into an intimate, romantic waltz.  As it ended, they drifted back to the couch, snuggling and whispering to each other until the moon had reached its apogee and was retreating toward morning.  Then slowly, hand in hand they mounted the stairway and went off to bed cuddling after a goodnight kiss. 

So many soft southern nights passed like this in the quieter, simpler time of their love.