The living roses are now gone both of them. The world sings a more sad song without them. No more blossoms come to cheer and light the day. No sweet scent to guide the way at night. In their place two angels sing Peace to those who loved them bring. ********************** He sat in… Read More Roses

A Southern Belle

This is just one part of a much larger story. ************ Part One Growing up in the South In the deep south, along the gulf coast of Mississippi, Gayle Marie was born, her mother and father’s only child, the treasure of their hearts.  In true southern tradition, Gayle Marie was raised by her mother, but her many daily needs… Read More A Southern Belle

The Garden

*********************************** ******************************************** Was working in the planting beds around the house this afternoon.  As I tended the flowers, pruned the shrubs, worked the soil, the analogy came to me that life is so very much like a garden.  In both, a seed is planted and after a period of germination or development, life emerges…, a… Read More The Garden