~ Night Dreams ~

******************************************************************************* ********************************************************** Tonight I am far away. I am in another time and space, holding a beautiful young girl in my arms and dancing to the melody of a soft, slow waltz.  She is smiling sweetly.  No words are spoken.  None need be as our hearts are so entwined that each knows instinctively what the… Read More ~ Night Dreams ~

~More Footprints…~

******************************************************************** ******************************************************************* He rolled sleepily out of bed and trudged down the hallway to turn up the heat on the thermostat.  It was cold in the house.  It always was this time of morning, this time of year.  He turned the heat down every night, thinking to save on his utility bill.  Crawling lazily back into… Read More ~More Footprints…~

Could I ?

****************** The familiar strains of a melody Drift lazily ‘round the room Taking me off to the dream I see And filling my mind like perfume ***** Romantic turns as we glide past the door Eyes locked in each other’s Feet ne’er touch the floor . A smile, sweet caress Then a soft, gentle kiss… Read More Could I ?

Cajun Queen

(Click on images to enlarge) ******* There’s a sultry place Where the bayou streams Close to city’s lights Down by New Orleans The moon shines bright And stars, it seems Give all their light  To a cajun queen She’s tall and slender And a lithe eighteen  Her heart’s not tender  This cajun queen Few words she… Read More Cajun Queen

Ten Thousand

*********************** Down this beach we’ve walked ten thousand times, hand in hand, sharing talk and smiles. We’ve traveled endless highways with no complaint about  thousands of the miles. I’ve dreamed beside you ten thousand nights enraptured by your eyes. We counted a hundred thousand stars across wide velvet skies. You kissed me ten thousand times as we parted… Read More Ten Thousand