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~~ Eternal Love ~~   2 comments



After a long and hectic day

It’s become a quiet, peaceful night

Relaxing in the dark, I find my way

Hidden from the world and all its lights


Travelling backward in time

I’m finding new verse and rhyme

To guide my tired soul and heart

Back to where I began to start

To learn how to feel and care

And lay my inner feelings bare

No one place would I dare to stay

A moving target every day

Until one eve a star so bright

Filled my heart and soul with light

The light of such a burning love

An angel come from up above

Touched me…, such gentleness

A soft embrace, a sweet caress

And left a fire inside of me

A flame that could only be

Eternal love………



Good Night Everybody !




~Footprints – Dreams Begin   9 comments

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Several busy days passed.  His work kept him busy through the day and the late afternoon and evenings were taken up with improvements and repairs to the house.  Autumn was here and he didn’t want to be thinking of what he should have done when winter showed its frigid face.  He needed to fertilize the lawn, small though it was, and level the gravel in the lane and driveway.  One day he hoped to have it paved.  The gutters and downspouts needed to be cleaned.  He’d purchased a material to put in the gutters to block leaves from clogging them and the downspouts so there wouldn’t be ice building on the edge of the roof and icicles  hanging from the gutters.  There were some windows and doors that needed to be caulked and then he thought he’d be ready.  All this done, it was time to get some wood for the fireplace for a nice cheery fire through the winter.

It was a cool evening and he’d worked late stacking firewood and cleaning up the garage.  Thankfully, over the summer, he’d discovered the magic of a slow cooker and a timer, and dinner was warm and waiting for him.  Tonight was beef stew and he filled his bowl, grabbed a couple slices of bread, and settled in front of the TV.  Ghost made an appearance as soon as she smelled the beef and, consummate beggar that she was, implored him for a share of his meal, only the beef, of course, and with a little gravy.  It was not a good television night so he turned the set off and switched on some music to enjoy while he ate.  He had been thinking of the property on the lake…, and the cottage.

After dishes were done and put away, he and his feline shadow retired to the couch in front of the fireplace and he opened his laptop and started some research….  He went to the county recorder’s website and started searching for a land platte south of his property.  The notes on the records showed that it was owned by the county, repossessed for unpaid taxes and was available for sale.  It would be a prime piece of land to own because it had a large lake frontage.  Ideas started to form in the back of his mind.  He’d have to follow up on this and find out how much outstanding taxes were to be paid.  From what he read, if an individual paid the outstanding taxes he would receive deed and title to the property. Hmmmm…..  At that point his eyes started to close and his chin settled on his chest.  Ghost curled up against his leg and was soon asleep too.

He awoke suddenly about a half hour later, scaring the cat and knocking his bowl and spoon to the floor.  It had been a long day and he didn’t realize how tired he really was.  He took a quick shower, was off to bed, and that quickly asleep.



Visibility was poor…, hazy, foggy, but he was on the trail back to the lake…, to the cottage and it was so familiar, as though he’d been there a thousand times before.  The trail wasn’t a trail this time.  It was a wagon path, groomed on both sides and level, and smooth as though it had seen much use.  As he rounded the turn the cottage came into view.  It looked as though it had only recently been built, like a new home.  a figure appeared in the shadows of the porch…..

“I’m so glad you’re back.  It’s late and I was so worried that something had happened to you on the road….

Her arms embraced him.  She, as always, felt so soft and warm, her head against his shoulder.  He felt her gentle, tender hand caress his face….


Just as it had came…, in a hazy fog, it ended.  He woke and through groggy, sleep filled eyes, saw Ghost nestled on his chest, her furry tail laying against his cheek.  He laid his head back and closed his eyes….  Too bad, that had been one of the best dreams he’d had for a long time…, and, at the same time, one of the most troubling.  He knew the cottage was in shambles, and the trail to it was barely noticeable, yet in the dream they seemed so new.  He, once again, drifted off to sleep…,peacefully this time.

As the sun broke through the windowpane in the morning he looked out to see, once again, footprints in the dewy grass leading to the trail…

That day, during his lunchtime, he went to the county recorders office to ask about the property on the lake.  Yes, it was available for sale, basically for the amount of taxes due.  In the notes the clerk said that the property had been recently indicated as vacant land as the house had been condemned as uninhabitable.  The sale price would be in the range of $20-25 thousand.  In his mind, it would be a good investment, even a better place to live, and he could sell his house to offset the purchase and repair expenses.  He needed to consider the whole idea more.

After returning home that evening he sat on the deck, thinking…, why am I doing this?  Why am I even thinking about it?   He looked down a the old tintype he had absentmindedly carried out there with him, staring at it as though, somehow, it had come to life.

She was pretty…, not the most beautiful girl in the world, but there was a warmth and a beauty about her that was hers alone.  He knew he’d never seen her before finding this picture.   Why, though, does she look so familiar…?






Vagabond Wanderer   3 comments


With the forecast of daytime high temps in the 20s and windy, it’s time to reflect on the season…, or the transitions from season to season.  Summer seemed so short…, or maybe that was just how I felt.  Autumn was just a short few weeks transition from summer warm to winter cold.  Now it begins.  Mother Nature, I fear, is getting serious about the approaching winter and laying the foundations for a long, cold season.  One morning soon I expect to waken to a blanket of white on the ground and trees shrouded in white behind the house.  This is a scene, while beautiful, I never welcome and could wait for at least another month to view.


Cold winter rain holds me

In its icy wet embrace.

Offers  no mercy

Its tears run down my face.


A keening wind knifes through me

As I plod slowly down the road.

No help out there that I foresee

To ease this burden’s load.


A light, a door opens

And a hand beckons to me.


Dry and warmth that I can sense

Offered gently…, tenderly.


On a blanket near the fire I lay

As dawn ushers in a brand new day

At peace here I would want to stay

Knowing , should be on my way.


Cursed I am to wander long

Beyond the words of happy song

Wondering wanderer I belong

To wanderlust.



Life and Love   4 comments




Life is a seedling

Growing slow like a tree

With strength in its branches

To embrace you and me



Love is a timber

Burst into a flame

Returning the embers

For ashes to claim


And like legendary phoenix

That from the ashes grew

New seedlings of dreams

To start  life to renew






Love is life is love is life is love continuing in a never ending circle.

Only humanity is finite.


I wish for all of you…

Peace for your dreams

Love for your hearts

Good Night Everybody !

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Breaking Down the Fence   4 comments




I sit in the deepening solitude

Listening to the deafening silence

My self righteous rectitude

In my mind has built a fence


Built to guard and protect

The fragility of my egotistic mind

To defend and deflect

To shelter truths I find.


Are these truths so mystically important

Is it that I just don’t want to face

Truths that speak of honesty

That my heart wants to embrace.


These fences must be broken down

If I am to find the light

And let happiness be found

To share with you tonight.


I cast away the emptiness

That clouds my tired brain

To continue on without duress

Washed clean by love’s sweet rain.


Good night, everybody !








Go for it !

Rapture   8 comments



I come to her in anticipation and she welcomes me into her embrace.

The intimate warmth of her envelops me.

I feel the softness of her currents as she gently caresses me.

The scent of her flows through the mists of my conciousness as a heady perfume.

She tastes of life, and power, and serenity.

She cools my fevered brow with a gentle tenderness, and I am reborn in her loving arms.

As we part, I return to the shore to the soft warm sand to dry and dream of my lover…,


The sea




Love….., or Not   8 comments




What about the word LOVE !  What does that word mean in contemporary society.  Is it just another meaningless throwaway word now?

Let’s look at the formal definition from the dictionary…


love: noun:

1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.  2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

3. sexual passion or desire.  4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
love: verb  (used with object)
15. to have love or affection for: All her pupils love her.  16. to have a profoundly tender, passionate affection for (another person).  17. to have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in: to love music.  18. to need or require; benefit greatly from: Plants love sunlight.  19. to embrace and kiss (someone), as a lover.
The dictionary definition seems to point to the idea that love is an attachment to, an affection for, a passion or desire for…, a person, be that person a family member, a lover, a friend.  In today’s world I so often hear:  “I love chocolate…, I love that dress…, I love that car…, don’t you just love those paintings…, we love this house.  None of these articles is a person! It’s just a thing.  It can’t respond to or return your love.
I like chocolate.  I like a great car.  I admire a great painting, and I really like my house – but I don’t LOVE them.  I love my family.  I love my friends.  I even love my cat, but these are all living entities that can, in some manner (if they’re so disposed), return those feelings.  I don’t think I’ve ever been kissed by a chocolate bar.  The house has never hugged me.  And no matter how wonderful it may be, no painting has ever whispered sweet nothings in my ear, so why do we speak of them in terms of “loving” them.  Have we lost contact with the idea that love is an emotion that is to be shared with someone and transferred that emotion to inanimate things?
Today I said “I love you” to a Hershey bar and, you know, it just layed there on the counter.  I said that same thing to my grandson and guess what?  He hugged me and said “I love you too, Grandpa”.  I think that if we concentrated on loving the people in our lives more and the things in our lives less, we’d be so much happier, as individuals, as families, and as communities.  Isn’t it worth a try???
in-love-Valentines-day- pictures[1]

I love you…, all of you !

(You know, that was pretty easy…, and it felt good too)