Prelude to St. Patrick’s Day

************************************************************** *********************************************************** Many sites will tell you that the little trefoil known as the shamrock was once known as “seamróg“, pronounced “Seamroy”, meaning “little clover”. They also mention the fact that it is a very common clover that grows heartily in Ireland. Many agree that the ancient Druids honored it as a sacred plant. The… Read More Prelude to St. Patrick’s Day

++ All Hallows Eve ~ Halloween ++

***************************** Had thought not to write anything tonight but came across this online and thought it worth sharin’.  Wouldn’t ya know now that the Celts an’ the Irish would have their fingers deep in the Halloween spirit?  Wouldn’t ya now !!!   ************************************************** Halloween The Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows by Jack Santino Halloween had its… Read More ++ All Hallows Eve ~ Halloween ++

The Shamrock

******************* ‘Tis time now for a wee bit more Irish Lore… *********** *************** Contrary to popular belief, the shamrock is not the official emblem of Ireland.  Officially, that honor goes to the Celtic harp. But in the hearts and minds of people all over the world, the shamrock is the symbol of Ireland. You could… Read More The Shamrock