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~~ Good Night   4 comments


Veranda - Buena Vista - Biloxi


Sweet Dreams

Sleep doesn’t come as I close my eyes

I still see the moonlit starry skies

And hear the faint melody of the band inside

As we dance on the beautiful balcony outside

Another slow waltz, as we glide ‘cross the floor

And quietly slip away through the veranda’s back door

Was not in our mind to spend the night at a dance

When under the moonlight we dreamed of romance.








~~ Dance Party ~~   1 comment



Sometimes like a silky slow waltz with its precise rhythm and time

Sometimes an exotic jazz tune in it’s runs, and riffs, and no rhyme

An erotic salsa with a staccato beat

Or a sweet sexy rumba that shuffles our feet


Some move us rapidly, some move us slow

We move to their rhythm and somehow we know

That with all the variety of these dance steps above

Its a romantic two-step that oft leads us to love.

The journey seems endless as we travel along

Moving our step to the beat of its song






Yeah, I’m in a kind of funky mood tonight.  Been a long day and I’m a bit tired but not too tired to share a thought or two with y’all.  It’s my feeling that life’s like a big dance party and everyone just has to find their own rhythm and groove so that things will make some sense and seem worthwhile to us.  And, when it’s all over and the band’s packing up for the night, we just have to know that life will still be there tomorrow night, just a new crowd, dancing to a new band.


Keep on dancin’………

 Good Night Everybody !



~~ Dreaming, Walking, Dancing….. ~~   1 comment


Random thoughts and ideas that come in the late night, the wee hours of the morning, or maybe while I’m out mowing the lawn…, usually never when there’s a pen and paper, or a computer handy.




In the stillness of night
In this soft quiet it seems
I let my heart take flight
To reach out, touch my dreams.


In the light of the early dawn
When the world starts to wake
I turn and you are gone
And, again, my heart breaks





Walk with me in the shadows of the moonlight
Come look with me at the beautiful star filled skies
Fill your soul with the magic of the night
Share with me the love I see in your eyes


Dance along the mountain peaks
Sail across the shinning deep blue sea
Smell the scent of a floral woodland breeze
No one else here, just you and me


Holding you close as we dance
A slow waltz ‘cross the crowded floor
Hearts reaching for romance
And hoping hard for so much more


Laying together across the big bed
Talking softly of dreams we’ve shared
Passionate feelings dance ’round in our heads
With a smile, then a touch, then a dare





White   10 comments


Before the dawn this morning

A nymph came out to play

In the mists as day was dawning

And she stayed for the whole day


She picked her way among the trees

As she danced before the wind

She kissed the blooms and made them freeze

And their branches she would bend


Her icy gown was shaded white and silver gray

She lingered til the dark of night

Then took the bright and shining light of day

And painted all in winter’s white

 * Snow_Princess_Wallpaper_ocss6[1] *

The Snow Queen has come to impose her Winter Way on the land


Good Night Everybody.  Stay Warm !!!


We have 7 inches of new, heavy, wet snow with 3 more forecast overnight.  Did I ever tell y’all how much I really don’t like any of this…., all these 4-letter things like cold, snow, wind…???




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~~Dancing on Air   15 comments





The eve was getting late

I glanced across the floor

And though I had no date

This night I wanted more

Was there by myself

A lad without a care

She was sitting on the shelf

Did I, should I dare

I chanced the chance

And as the music played so fair

We danced the dance

As though we waltzed on air

And when the party came to end

As they closed and locked the door

Across the meadow and around the bend

We waltzed and danced some more

…….and as all good stories should always end…, they lived happily ever after.






~~ More Odds ‘n’ Ends   4 comments



The night is clear
The moon is bright
Stars wink at me
From their place in the heavens
I see your reflection in their eyes.


‘Tis now past the appointed hour
Needs to find the midnight flower
And send ourselves off to sleep
In search of dreams to hold and keep.



Night falls with the softness and
serenity of a snowflake.  In the gentle
peace of sleep we drift into our dreams.


The day was tired and worn
And now it’s early, early morn
So in the star vaults vast and deep
I rest my weary mind and sleep.


Dreams come
And linger on
In the silent hours
Before the dawn
It is their peace I take
Til the sun rises
And I awake


In a crystal clear sky
On a cold starry night
A thin crescent moon
 Gives naught of its light
‘Tis time for the promise
Of dreams to keep
To rest our weary heads
And, at last, to sleep.


free and high
above the troubled earth
like an arrow in an azure sky
above the loud and noisome dearth



Touch me
…with the softness of a feather
….with the sweet scent of mountain heather
Look with me into the starlit sky above
Let me touch the wonder of your love.


Songs and lullabies, metre and rhyme
Rules for the melodies
And rules for romance
Looking for answers to life’s mysteries
Once again…, I’d die for this dance.


Looking out the window tonight
Moon and stars shining bright
Peacefully quiet,
As the world should be
In this moment of eternity.


It was a cold and dreary night, all warmth gone,

Save one candle to last til dawn for warmth and light

But that candle is you, and it is enough for me.

Candle and hands






Dance   6 comments



Open opportunity’s tempting door

And take that always wanted chance

Life may not the party we hoped for,

But since we’re here we ought to dance.


Don’t know what you’re waiting for

Never find a sweet romance

Standing there beside the door

Get out there on that big old floor…, and dance!






Good Night Everybody !!!

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