~~ Good Night

********************** ******************************************************** Sweet Dreams Sleep doesn’t come as I close my eyes I still see the moonlit starry skies And hear the faint melody of the band inside As we dance on the beautiful balcony outside Another slow waltz, as we glide ‘cross the floor And quietly slip away through the veranda’s back door Was… Read More ~~ Good Night

~~Dancing on Air

*************** ***************************                                                                        *********************** The eve was getting late I glanced across the floor And though I had no date This night I wanted more Was there by myself A lad without a care She was sitting on the shelf Did I, should I dare I chanced the chance And as the music played so… Read More ~~Dancing on Air


********************************** Open opportunity’s tempting door And take that always wanted chance Life may not the party we hoped for, But since we’re here we ought to dance. * Don’t know what you’re waiting for Never find a sweet romance Standing there beside the door Get out there on that big old floor…, and dance! ***************** ******** ***… Read More Dance

Could I ?

****************** The familiar strains of a melody Drift lazily ‘round the room Taking me off to the dream I see And filling my mind like perfume ***** Romantic turns as we glide past the door Eyes locked in each other’s Feet ne’er touch the floor . A smile, sweet caress Then a soft, gentle kiss… Read More Could I ?

By Chance

(Part fact – part fiction.  Mostly just a story) While walking along a moonlit shore one peaceful evening, a young man chanced to meet an unbelievably beautiful young woman.  The air was filled with the scent of jasmine and the saltiness of the incoming tide.  Small waves softly kissed the beach and retreated, leaving the… Read More By Chance